Useful Tips for Maintaining FAE Mulcher Teeth

Useful Tips for Maintaining FAE Mulcher Teeth

If you are using your FAE mulching machine more often, then you need to maintain it regularly. But to some people, maintenance is one of the most neglected aspects of their mulching machine. It does not mean because your FAE mulcher is working it is in right conditions. That is a lie. Some of the problems manifest while it is too late and could be avoid by proper maintenance.

FAE mulcher teeth are some of the wear parts that are mostly affected by poor maintenance. Consequently, poor teeth maintenance leads to blunt and dull teeth resulting in poor performance of the machine. That is why maintenance is critical when it comes to operating your mulching machine. But you must ensure that you are doing it right. Here are useful tips for maintaining FAE mulcher teeth:

Make it Frequent

When it comes to maintaining your mulching machine, it is recommended that you do it frequently. The main mistake that most people make is failing to do the regular maintenance of the machine. That is helpful in fixing the problem before it gets worse. To most people, they result in maintaining their mulcher teeth and the machine when the machine is almost breaking down. In such cases, it becomes extremely expensive since the damage could be too huge. If the machine is already breaking down, then means you need bring in new wear parts and that includes new FAE mulcher teeth. However, that cost would have been reduced if regular maintenances were carried it.

Always Clean Stick Materials off Teeth

Another major problem that most people ignore is the sticking of the material on the mulcher teeth. That mostly happens when one of mulching sticky materials and they end up being left on the teeth. If you see any form of material sticking on you FAE mulcher teeth, then you need to have removed instantly before it accumulates.

One of the major problems caused by sticky material accumulating is preventing the teeth from rotate freely as they should. That means only one side or a section of the teeth will be doing the actual mulching. The result will be wearing one side of the carbide tip and washing off of steel. That is why it important the teeth of the sticky material on the teeth. Use a rubber mallet to hit FAE mulcher teeth to remove the sticky material.

These are two useful tips for maintaining FAE mulcher teeth. With these tips, you can rest assured that your mulcher teeth will last for a long time.

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