Pengo Auger Teeth for Foundation Drilling

Pengo Auger Teeth for Foundation Drilling

Pengo is the market leader in manufacturing and supplying industrial tools, and that includes various machine wear parts. Among the products that company is best known for is the auger teeth. Pengo auger teeth come in various types depending on how they are to be used. Among the best quality teeth that the company is providing the market with is the foundation drilling teeth.

Pengo auger teeth for foundation drilling are special kind of teeth designed to deliver incredible cutting performance in the most demanding condition. But what makes these teeth one of the best option from the available options? Well, numerous features make these Pengo teeth Stand out.

High Quality

Due to the nature of the drilling surfaces, Pengo has ensured that they have the best quality teeth for the job. To achieve that, the company is constructing their foundation drilling teeth with some of the highest grade material for the job. All their teeth shanks are made from the highest grade carbide material. Their tungsten carbide teeth tip ensures that the teeth are less affected by wear and abrasion, In addition, the body is constructed from carbon alloy steel which is one of the best grades of steel. With such quality teeth, then the output is always incredible.

Fast Drilling Speed

Another reason why Pengo auger teeth for foundation drilling are popular is the high cutting performance. The level of performance that you get from these teeth is incredible one of the best the market can offer. This is achieved by the high quality of the material used construction material of the teeth. By the fact that the teeth tip is constructed from grade 1 carbide material, keep the teeth sharp for long thus the fast drilling speed of the teeth.

High Welding Strength

The quality of welding used for the combination of the carbide tip and the steel body is one of the best you can get in the market. Pengo uses high quality braze technology to secure the carbide shank. Braze offers high welding strength that is crucial for foundation drilling.


The quality of the material used for the construction of the teeth is critical when assessing the durability of the teeth. For the Pengo auger teeth for foundation drilling, they are constructed from the highest grade material. The teeth are less affected by the wear and abrasion, and that is the reason why they last for long.

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