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Advantages Of Quadco Teeth Over The Typical Teeth

Advantages Of Quadco Teeth Over The Typical Teeth

If you decide to make teeth replacement with the Quadco teeth, then you have made a good decision. Second, you have gotten yourself a set of teeth that will give you value for money. That’s because Quadco teeth offer some of the best features and properties that you cannot find in typical teeth.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways that Quadco teeth are better than typical teeth. Check out the following reasons why Quadco teeth are the best.

Quality Tips

One part of the Quadco teeth that stands out from most of the available options is the tip. Being the cutting part of the teeth, Quadco has been investing in high-quality materials to ensure quality tips. With the parts made the highest grade of the tungsten carbide, you can expect them to be of the best quality. It is the kind of quality that you can’t find in the market. Do note that quality teeth tips determine the performance and productivity of the machine.

Quality Teeth Body

The Quadco Company does not only produce the highest quality tips but also the highest quality teeth body. That’s something crucial when it comes to wood processing teeth. You need a good quality teeth body that can withstand the pressure and the temperature it is subjected to when it comes to wood processing. Quadco uses the highest grade of steel alloys for the construction of their teeth. That’s another benefit you might not get from typical machine teeth.

High Performance

The other advantage that Quadco teeth have over most of the typical machine is high performance. We all know what this means for people in the business. It is only when your machine is producing at the maximum performance that you can expect to get maximum profits. Because of the high-quality tip, your machine cutting performance will be improved significantly. This simply means your machine productivity is automatically increased with Quadco teeth.

Reduced Rate Of Replacement

There are so many ways that Quadco teeth will help cut your cost of production, and one of them is reducing the rate of replacement. With high-quality materials comes high resistance to wear and tear. This means your machine parts can last for a longer time compared to typical teeth. That’s how the cost of replacement is reduced. This means you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.