Tips To Maximize Trencher Teeth Performance

Tips To Maximize Trencher Teeth Performance

When it comes to trench digging, performance is one of the critical factors that must be taken into account. However, the trenching machine performance often reduces gradually as the wear parts ages. But that does not that mean you can’t improve its performance or even hit the peak performance again- You can easily do that. You can use various best practices to maximize trencher teeth performance and continue getting the best out of your trenching equipment. Well, here are some best ways to maximize trencher teeth performance.

Repair and Replacement

One of the major causes of reduced performance in trenching equipment is wear and tear of cutter tools. Due to the exposure harsh and abrasive conditions, the tips of the teeth become dull, blunt or broken and that reduces their cutting power significantly thus the low performance. But these are problems that can be fixed and get the machine back to its peak performance. The trick is to make sure that your trencher teeth are regularly repaired by sharpening the edges to keep them sharp. If repairs cannot solve the problem, then you should ensure that you have replaced the faulty or worn down teeth.

Avoid re-using Retainers

When you are replacing your trenching teeth (which is common with trench digging), you ensure that you have not only replaced the teeth but the rest of the parts that could be affected. There are two key pars- the block or the teeth holder and the retainers. If the trencher teeth are worn down, they could have affected the two parts also. Check the condition of the block, and if it is worn out, then you should replace it and vice versa. However, you must ensure that the retainer is replaced. If these two parts are not replaced, the incoming teeth will also wear down very fast.

Chain Rotation

The rotation of the chain while digging trenches is another factor that you must consider carefully. The chain must always rotate freely to ensure uniform wear on teeth. If the chain is not rotating freely, the load would be on some of the load, and that would definitely increase the rate of wear on them. Free rotation of the chain also helps in keeping the trencher teeth sharp for longer since wear on the tip is significantly reduced.

These are the three most effective ways that you can improve you trencher teeth performance. They are simple tips that do not cost you anything extra in terms of money but just doing things right.

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