A Contractor Must Have The Following Foundation Drilling Tools

A Contractor Must Have The Following Foundation Drilling Tools

If you are a contractor or planning to be one, what are the key foundation drilling tools that you must have? Well, there are the most essential or common drilling tools that a site must have. However, the choice might be dictated by the drilling work that you are doing or planning to do. Note that foundation drilling is quite versatile and thus the type of the tools used. So if you are doing foundation drilling, these are some of the critical machines that you should have on the site:


Augers are the first choice of foundation drilling tools for contractors. It is the basic drilling tool.  The design of the auger is that they can drill while at the same time removing the soil from the hole. However, it is vital to note that there are various types of augers depending on their designs. For instance, we have single-start and double-start augers depending on the alignment of the teeth. The other choice of auger is the soft soil auger and rock augers. For the foundation drilling rock augers are the best option:

Drilling Buckets

Drilling buckets are another set of foundation drilling tools that you must have on the site. Whereas rock augers are used for tough or compact rocky conditions, these tools cutter tools are often used for drilling loose soil and slightly cohesive sand. They are mostly in drilling areas or sections of the hole that has loose soil. From their design, these tool houses the drilled soil inside, and that’s why they work better than the augers in such condition. However, there are various types is drilling buckets including rock drilling buckers for compact rock conditions.

Core Barrels

These are other critical foundation drilling tools that you must have if you are drilling tough conditions. Core barrels are very crucial when it comes to drilling rocky conditions. They are used for cutting annular spaces, and they are mostly used together with the rock augers. However, there are different types of core barrels in the market, and the choice will depend on what you are planning to do with the tools.

Cutter tools

Drilling bits and teeth are a critical part of the foundation drilling tools. These are the main cutting parts, and they come in various conditions depending on the where they are used. There are auger bits, core barrel teeth and the list is quite long. More often, you will need spare cutter tools for replacement when need be.

These are just a few of the foundation drilling tools that any serious contractor should have on site. Other tools that are also critical include casings and casing drive amongst others.

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