Tips To Better Your Mcmillen Auger Bits

Tips To Better Your Mcmillen Auger Bits

The goal of auger operator gets the work done quickly and correctly. However, the level of satisfaction is always different from one operator to the other. But the question that then arises is what could be the problem. What could some of the operators be doing right or wrong compared to others? Well, one answer to all these questions is the quality if auger teeth and bits. If you have been operating a Mcmillen auger, you improve production significantly by observing the following tips.

Pick the Right Teeth

If you have been experiencing poor performance, then you must have made a poor decision from the start. Did you care to check the quality of the teeth? Whether it was an auger teeth replacement or while buying a new machine, it is always recommended that you pick the right teeth. That is the first stage that you need to think about critical to ensure that you will enjoy the serves of the machine for an extended period. The right teeth mean quality teeth. That is usually done by selecting the best quality material for manufacturing auger teeth and bits(click here to know more about it). Make sure that the tip is made from tungsten carbide while the body is made from steel.

Keep the Bits Sharp

Another trick to better your Mcmillen auger teeth performance is by keeping the bits as sharp as possible. The teeth can only drill through the soil easily by keeping it sharp always. Auger bits and teeth sharpening is a cost-effective practice that is widely used to keep the auger performance at peak. You need have the carbide tip sharped whenever you notice a dull or blunt at the edge. That will ensure that the tip is regularly renewed to maintain peak performance. However, you must ensure that you have hired the right expert for sharpening if you cannot do it yourself.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance! This is the best way to keep your Mcmillen auger teeth in the best condition always. When we mention maintenance, it should not be confused with the manufacturer’s preferred schedule. Make sure that you have the teeth and bits checked regularly while operating. If possible, the equipment should be checked before drilling and after drilling. That way, you will be able to identify a problem early and have it fixed. Regular maintenance also ensures that your machines performance and constant output is maintained.

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