Check Out These Key Pengo Auger Parts

Check Out These Key Pengo Auger Parts

Whether you are doing foundation drilling or poling, the power and the overall performance of your auger equipment are a key factor to consider. That is why it important to check out the type and the nature of auger parts that have been used to assemble the equipment. Although some people may confuse aesthetics or the general appearance be the actual machines, it is the small parts that make up an auger equipment. They include the prime driver, bits and the rest. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key Pengo auger parts that you should look out for. Check out these parts.

Prime Driver

The choice of the prime driver is dependent on the type of surface you are drilling. For those doing the large-scale foundation drilling, there is a variety of specialized machines for such tasks. But those who are carrying out the general piling tasks such as fencing and digging pole holes, then a simple skid steer or excavator would actually do a perfect job. That is the reason why we have listed prime drivers as of the key components or parts of drilling equipment. However, you must ensure that the driver has enough power to drill the surface. It must also have the right horsepower to handle the auger attachment.

Auger attachment

Drilling machine has one of the simplest setups compared to most of the industrial machines. If you are dealing with Pengo brand, then you must be very picky while choosing Pengo attachments. Note that the type of auger attachment is key when it comes to determining the output of the equipment. Make sure that you selected the best auger attachment depending on the nature of the task. The quality and grade of the material used in constructing the attachment is also an important factor to consider.

Auger Teeth

The type of Pengo auger teeth(click here to know more about it) installed in the attachment is a critical factor to consider. It is always crucial to know that the type of auger teeth will greatly affect the performance of the entire machine. Therefore, you must ensure that have the right auger teeth or bits to maintain a great performance of the machine. The quality of the teeth is paramount. Check the quality or the grade of the material that has been used in their construction. However, the condition of the auger teeth is also an important factor to consider. Due to the nature of the soil, the teeth may become dull or blunt and the need to have them sharpened regularly.

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