Tips on How to Maximize On Your Bobcat Auger Teeth

Tips on How to Maximize On Your Bobcat Auger Teeth

When it comes to getting the best out of Bobcat auger teeth, few things will be critical to consider. First of the quality of the teeth and the second one is how you are using your teeth. Apart from getting quality teeth, how the teeth are used in the actual drilling work is the most important fact to take into account.  Here are ways that you can get the best out of your Bobcat Auger Teeth:

Correct Flow

For your auger attachment and teeth to produce the desired performance, then you must ensure that have gone for the proper flow. That means you need to ensure that the auger attachment is connected to the right power source. You need to get the right prime mover for your Bobcat auger attachment for teeth to produce their best.  Whether you are using the excavator or skid steer, you must ensure that it has adequate hydraulic flow and pressure. That is one way that you can get maximum production from your teeth. Therefore, ensure that you have chosen the right power source. However, it is recommended that you go for the direct drive augers since they offer a better flow.

Smooth Operations

The way that you carry out the drilling will great determine the productivity of your teeth. There is numerous misconception about drilling that mostly makes it difficult to drill effectively. For instance, some people believe that for you to dig effectively, you should start with a small auger and then switch to a larger one. That is not true- you need to work with the right siz at once. When it comes to smooth operation, it is essential to observe the amount of pressure applied to the auger. Too much pressure does not mean that you will deliver excellent results but could end up destroying the auger teeth. Therefore, make sure that the Bobcat auger attachment is operating smoothly for the teeth to produce the best.

Check Surface condition

Before you can start digging, it is important to check the condition of the surface. The condition of the surface can significantly affect the out of the auger teeth. Note that Bobcat auger teeth are designed for various conditions. You may be having the wrong teeth on the auger attachment for the surface that you are planning to drill. You must also check the condition of the teeth and rest of the wear parts.  That will help you provide the cutting bits with proper working conditions.

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