How To Discern Quality Pengo Auger Parts From Inferior Ones

How To Discern Quality Pengo Auger Parts From Inferior Ones

With the expansion of the industrial tools market, we have seen more and more companies coming in. More brands of industrial machines and machines are making their ways into the market. However, this expansion has also opened doors for rogue traders who are bringing in fake, counterfeit and inferior quality wear parts. Therefore, it is possible to find fake or counterfeit wears parts labeled as quality Pengo auger parts.  So how can you ensure that you have not fallen for such products? Well, there are various smart ways to discern quality Pengo auger parts from the inferior ones. Check out these tips.

The Product Source

It is important to ascertain the source of the wear parts before making a purchase. Who has produced the Pengo auger parts? Do they have a reputation in the market? Do they have the capacity to produce? What are customers saying about them and their products? These are some of the questions that you should get answers to first. First, you need to know who the manufacturer is. That will give you the idea of the kind of products you are dealing with. If the manufacturer still remains shadowy or they are little known with no presence online, then you could be dealing with fakes or counterfeits- avoid them. But if the manufacturer is well known and previous customers are happy, they have high chances of delivering great results.

The Category of products

What is the category of the products? Are the original, OEM, or non-OEM? This is a question that most of the people fail to ask while buying. These categories are very important and most of the time, they determined the quality of the Pengo auger parts. For instance, Original products are deemed to have the highest quality than the rest. They are also a little bit expensive. The OEM and non-OEM Pengo auger parts are also good quality but are relatively cheaper compared to the original. However, they may be of lower quality depending on the company you are buying from. Therefore, it is important to know the category you are buying from.

Material Used

The grade of the material used in the construction of Pengo auger parts is an essential factor to consider. For the Pengo auger teeth or Pengo auger bits(click here to know more about it), the tip must be made from highest grade of carbide and steel materials. The tip must be made from tungsten carbide while the body should be steel or cast steel. That is how you know that you are buying quality Pengo auger parts.

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