Why Avoid Aftermarket Tub Grinder Wear Parts

Why Avoid Aftermarket Tub Grinder Wear Parts

Aftermarket tools are popular due to various benefits they are deemed to have. One of the main benefits associated with these products is their cost-effective properties. These tools are relatively cheap compared to the OEM or the brand new ones. However, the argument about their cost-effectiveness is misinformed and most skewed toward improving spare part dealer’s sales. The fact is that they are cheap as it looks. The question the buyer should ask themselves is whether the value for money is achieved. In most cases, it is only a temporary solution. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid aftermarket tub grinder wear parts.

High Average Cost

One of the main tricks that some operators have fallen into is the ‘low cost’ notion. In the factual analysis, the average cost of aftermarket tub grinder wear parts(click here to know more about it) is relatively very high. For instance, if you used tub grinder teeth, they may be 30 percent cheaper and that is definitely a good deal to. However, almost 50 percent of its lifespan is already used. That means you will shop twice for the teeth compared to a person to bough a new one and enjoyed 100 percent lifespan. Your total cost will be 140% and that means 40% will be a loss to your business. Therefore, there is nothing as cheap in the aftermarket products.

Short Lifespan

One of the main disadvantages of aftermarket tub grinder wear parts is short lifespan. Before you decide to invest in this kind of wear parts, know that they have already been used on another machine for a certain period of time. Probably, 50 percent of the lifespan is already used. Therefore, you will not enjoy the full lifespan from the tools but only a limited short period. That means will be back to the earlier compared to someone who had invested in new wear parts. That will mean more cost for the wear parts after a specific period compared to when you could have invested in new ones.

Poor Quality

Most of these aftermarket tub grinder wear parts are of poor quality. They could have been removed from the previous machine due to poor productivity or being faulty. Either, there is a reason why they were removed. By investing in such products, you will be transferring the same problem to your machine. Quality is always a big issue when it comes to these kinds of products. Therefore, the benefits are just temporary.

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