Tip to reduce stump grinder teeth Steel Wash

Tip to reduce stump grinder teeth Steel Wash

Steel wash is one of the major problems with stump grinders and other industrial machines. The problem is usually associated with high increases wear of the steel material thus making the grinder teeth week. Although it is a common problem, it should cause an alarm if the rate is too high. But there are also ways that you can reduce the rate of steel wash. Some of these tips include prevention right from the point of buying the stump grinder teeth. Check out the following tips:

Get Quality Teeth

The first thing that you must start with is buying quality stump grinder teeth from the start. If you invest in poor quality teeth, then it will be impossible to stop the steel wash. Poor quality teeth are the kind of teeth that have been constructed from the low-quality material. Note that there are various types of steel materials in the industry. Therefore, get the best that you can find in the market depending on where they are to be used. If you are removing huge stumps with a high powered stump removing the machine, then you need to invest in heat treated steel or carbon alloy steel. For the small domestic operation for small machines, any good quality steel will do great.

Proper Teeth Application

The application of the stump grinder teeth(click here to know more about it) is all about using them where they are supposed to be used. Manufacturers make teeth to be used for specific grinding conditions. However, most of the people do not understand that, and they end up using their teeth for any task that they come across. That’s wrong and could be the reason for the high rate of steel wash. Make sure that you have selected the kind of stumps that remove carefully. Therefore, make sure that you are using the machine correctly. If you have no idea of what your machine can or cannot do, check the user and technical manual.

Proper Maintenance

Stump grinder teeth maintenance is crucial not for keeping steel wash in control but also to keep the machine performance at peak. Maintaining your teeth helps you identify problems before they become worse. Make sure that you have a schedule of hoe your machine teeth are maintained. Regular maintenance or maintenance after work is the most recommended. That will help you identify steel wash problems at an early stage thus making it easy to deal with it. You will also be able to come up with the best methods to deal with.

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