Reason Why Carbide Mulcher Teeth Are Worthy Investing In

Reason Why Carbide Mulcher Teeth Are Worthy Investing In

The carbide metal is one of the most popular material in the industrial tools market. This material is widely used for the construction of tools and more cutter tools widely used for demanding conditions. Carbide material comes with a number of incredible properties that makes the most recommended material for the construction of mulcher teeth tips. But what the main reasons why investing in carbide tipped mulcher teeth? Well, there are numerous benefits associated with teeth made from this material.

High Strength

The carbide material is best known for its high strength, and that is the reason why they can deliver high performance in demanding conditions.  If you are working in a very tough condition such as forestry mulching where the workload subject to the teeth is very high, then you need a material that can withstand high pressure and temperature generated. In such conditions, only the highest grade of carbide can deliver such results. The material can withstand extreme pressure especially if you are working in harsh conditions.

High Resistance Wear

The main causes of the reduced lifespan of mulcher teeth are the high rate of wear and tear. In mulching, the surface conditions might be so bad that the teeth wear down really fast. If you are mulching in rocky conditions, then you will definitely have a problem a problem with an increased rate of wear especially if you don’t have quality teeth. Carbide mulcher teeth offer one of the best wear resistance features compared to most of the available alternatives.  You can, therefore, enjoy them longer as well as ensure that your mulching output is maintained at a constant rate.

High performance and productivity

Carbide tipped teeth enhances the performance and the productivity of your mulching machine. Their tips are incredibly sharp, and the sharpness can be maintained for a long time, and that simply means you will be able to achieve a consistent performance of your machine. The productivity of the machine is also improved significantly if compared with the rest of the available alternatives. If you are in the commercial sector, then you will enjoy increased and constant profits with carbide mulcher teeth.

Low cost of maintenance

The cost of teeth maintenance and that of the overall machine is greatly determined by the quality of the teeth and more so the cutting edge or the tip. As mentioned earlier, tungsten carbide material is not prone to wear, tear and abrasion. That is the reason why the cost of the repairs and replacement is lower with carbide shank. So, the overall cost of maintenance and operation is significantly reduced with carbide mulcher teeth.

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