Key Features to Look for in Auger Teeth Retainers

Key Features to Look for in Auger Teeth Retainers

Auger teeth are without a doubt some of the most widely used tools in the drilling industry. They are a special kind of cutter tools designed for high performance demanding conditions. The teeth are widely used for foundation drilling, borehole sinking as well as domestic uses such as planting tree and fencing. However, to get the most out of these teeth, you must understand some of the basic things about them. The design of auger teeth and the main components are the key thing to consider.

Auger teeth retainers are some of the most ignored parts of the teeth. Most people look for the quality of the material used for the tip and the body and forget other crucial parts. Auger teeth retainers are parts of the teeth that enhances the strength of the teeth. These parts hold the teeth form onto the blocks. In short, you can simply refer to them as auger teeth washers. But what are the key things that you should look for in retainers? Here are some of the key things that you need to look at:

Quality of Material

One of the key things that you must look for in auger teeth retainers is the quality of the material used. Due to the nature of the condition, they are exposed to, these parts if the teeth should be made from the highest grade materials. They are exposed to high friction and thus the material that can withstand high heat, wear and tear. The most recommended material is the steel. However, the quality of steel matters with the kind of drilling. If you are doing foundation drilling, get the highest grade of steel.

Size of the Retainer

Another feature that you need to look at is the size of the retainer. This is important especially if you are buying from an aftermarket dealer. You need to ensure that the size of the retainer is adequate depending on the blocks’ slot. Some of the inferior quality products come with very small retainers that do not last for long. Therefore, you must ensure that the size of retainers is the large enough for the teeth.

The Design

Another feature that you need to look at is the design of the retainer. The main reason why we have retained on the teeth is to absorb the pressure and friction. Therefore, the design of the teeth should enhance such properties. Split or dual retainers are the most recommended. These are designs that offer additional holding power as while maintaining rotation.

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