5 Reason Why Used Hydraulic Press May No Be A Good Idea

5 Reason Why Used Hydraulic Press May No Be A Good Idea

There so many dealers in the market selling used hydraulic press. The increase in the number of these dealers is a result of surging demand for used press machines. We should recognize that there are many benefits that come with buying a used hydraulic press. That’s why people are going for these machine parts.

But there are also limitations for buying used hydraulic press machines. Unfortunately, no dealer will tell you about it. In this guide, we have put together reasons why buying used hydraulic press may not be a good idea:

Shorter Lifespan

One of the disadvantages of investing in a used hydraulic press is a shorter lifespan. When a machine is manufactured new, it is given a lifespan of, let’s say, 20 years. That’s when used properly. If you buy a machine that has already been used 8 years, it means that you only have 12 or fewer years of use.

Outdated Technology

The other limitation of a used hydraulic press is the level of technology. If you buy a machine that was manufactured 8 years ago, it comes with an 8 years old technology. That means you will deny yourself technologies developed in the subsequent years.

Shorter Warranty

The warranty for a used hydraulic press is very short for several reasons. First, you will not be buying a new machine. This means it has quite a short lifespan; hence the warranty will be equivalent to it. Second, you don’t buy these machines from manufacturers but dealers. They will not take a risk with an old machine.

Lower Productivity

The productivity of used hydraulic press is quite low. The older the machine becomes, the less efficient it becomes. This means its performance and productivity will go down. For example, the speed of the machine will also slow with age. That’s how the overall production of the hydraulic press is reduced.

Higher Maintenance Cost

The limitation of a used hydraulic press is the higher maintenance cost. Unlike a new machine, used machines have a high rate of wear and tear. This is because of the reducing efficiency. That means you will need to change the hydraulic oil more often and other parts. That’s how the cost is increased.

Lack Of Spare Parts

The other limitation is the lack of spare parts. If the machine is too old, then you will have a problem finding replacement parts. Even the manufacturer may have stopped producing the model.