4 Conditions That Rock Auger Bit Excels The Most

4 Conditions That Rock Auger Bit Excels The Most

One thing that most drilling contractors are looking for is highly efficient auger cutter tools. In addition, most drilling machine users are also looking for cutter tools that can deliver in demanding conditions. That is what rock auger bits are designed for- to be efficient and deliver incredibly high performance in demanding conditions.

But what are the main conditions that rock auger bits excel the most? Well, there are a number of areas where these tools have proven to be a dominant force. Here are the four main areas where you can get these tools:

Rocky conditions

As the name suggests, rock auger bit excels the most in the rocky conditions. They are extremely when it comes to drilling rocky conditions due to a number of reasons.  First, rock auger bits are designed with incredible features that enable them to withstand demanding conditions. To be specific, they are constructed from high-quality materials, and that is what makes them unique. Their teeth tips are constructed from tungsten carbide, which is one of the hardest metals in the market. Therefore, they ate able to cut efficiently for a longer time without getting dull or blunt. So their cutting performance in the rocky conditions is extremely high.

Clay and Compact Soil                  

Clay and compact soils are also difficult to drill than what most people think. When clay soil dries up, it forms a very hard surface equal or even more tough than concrete. That is the typical auger teeth may not be in a position to do a thorough work. The same case goes to compact soil, which most of the time is as hard as a rock. So it is highly recommended that you install rock auger if you are drilling any of these grounds.

Littered Grounds

Littered grinds are some of the most demanding conditions to drill. If you the grounds that you about to brill are littered with broken bottles or metal pieces, then the typical teeth may not be the best option. These materials are likely to blunt, dull, or break your teeth tip. That is why rock auger bit is some of the most recommended for such conditions. Their tips are tough and can withstand such conditions without compromising their quality.

Frozen grounds

Frozen grounds are some of the difficult surfaces to drill. This is due to the extremely low temperatures that make it difficult for the teeth do operate. Extreme low temperature causes ice rocks, which causes high abrasion to the teeth. Some of the metals cannot withstand such frozen conditions, that is why rock auger bits are some of the most recommended.

These are some of the four areas from where rock auger bit excels the most. If you are struggling with your teeth in any of these areas, then consider replacing with rock auger bits(click here to know more about it).